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MY Opening Post

I chose the name retired at 44 because, well I am retired, but it ain’t what you think….

I had lots of names throughout the years of being on computers, But one of my public names, could not be my real name, to many nuts out there in cyberland to use real names. Though I have been totally and permantly disabled for many, many years, I wanted ‘Retired’, but as usal everything everywhere has been taken… I was retired long befor 44. I have been retired forever due to terminal illness. I don’t know how close I am to dying, but it could be any moment… or a few more years… the doctors can’t give me a date. I may  have minutes of notice whenit happens, or longer. No one knows. Pancreas disease is horrible and you just feeel socker when it happens and you just go down. You just don’t know if it is the last tim when you do go down for the count.


I wil stop here just to save, and rest a bit..


Hello world!

I have a long story to tell… and sometimes I leave a signature link, sometimes I don’t. I maynot have a long time left to say much or I may have several mor eyears. I suffer from a terminal disease.

Please give me time to add more, as I get some rest now, before I come back too to get going on this adventure.

Thank you,